Hungry Wolf

Hungry Wolf

Once, a wolf was very hungry. It looked for food here and there. But it couldn’t get any. At last it found a loaf of bread and piece of meat in the hole of a tree.

The hungry wolf squeezed into the hole. It ate all the food. It was a woodcutter‘s lunch. He was on his way back to the tree to have lunch. But he saw there was no food in the hole, instead, a wolf.

On seeing the woodcutter, the wolf tried to get out of the hole. But it couldn’t. Its tummy was swollen.

The woodcutter caught the wolf and gave it nice beatings.

squeeze / skwiːz / verb
To try to make something fit into a space that is too small, or to try to get into such a space

woodcutter / ˈwʊdˌkʌtə $ -ər /
Someone whose job is to cut down trees in a forest

tummy / ˈtʌmi /
Stomach- used especially by or to children

swollen / ˈswəʊlən $ ˈswoʊ- /
the past participle of swell

swell / swel /
( also swell up ) to become larger and rounder than normal – used especially about parts of the body → swollen

beating / ˈbiːtɪŋ / noun
an act of hitting someone many times as a punishment or in a fight


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